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Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant

Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant is a biomass-fired power plant, which primarily is beeing fired with locally produced straw, and has a capacity of 44.2 MW. The production equivalents the energy consumption of 82,000 households and results in a yearly CO2 reduction of 300,000 tons.

In 2013 BWSC and Copenhagen Infrastructure I established a joint venture with the aim to create, own and run power plants abroad. The company closed its first contract on a power plant in England in 2013. In November 2014 the company signed yet another contract on the biomass plant, Snetterton in East Anglia, Eastern England.

The investment in Snetterton is of DKK 1.6bn. PensionDanmark has invested DKK 1.4bn, financed through Copenhagen Infrastructure I, managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. BWSC has invested DKK 0.2bn in the power plant.

BWSC is in charge of constructing, operating and maintaining the power plant throughout a 15-year period. The new power plant has been running since April 2017 where it was handed over to the owners. The plant was completed within 29 months - one month ahead of plans - and within the budget. 

The power plant has a capacity of 44.2 MW equivalent to the average energy usage of 82,000 households, and the company has contracted for supply of straw for the next 12 years.