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Noordgastransport (NGT)

In 2013, PensionDanmark invested in a pipeline network carrying natural gas from fields in the North Sea.

PensionDanmark was the first Danish pension fund to invest in a European gas transmission asset through the DKKbn 1.3 acquisition of a stake in Noordgastransport (NGT), a midstream natural gas business in the Netherlands. The 40 pct. share was acquired from Abu Dhabi energy company TAQA.

NGT transports natural gas from fields in the North Sea to its onshore site on the Dutch northern coast. The system is comprised of two offshore platforms, a 470 km pipeline system with a capacity of 42 million cubic metres per day and an onshore treatment facility. From this location, the gas is distributed further into the Dutch gas network.

The shareholders of NGT are Neptune Energy (18.57%), Aberdeen Standard (20%), XTO Energy (10%), Rosewood Resources (11.43%) and PensionDanmark (40%).

The asset is operated by Neptune Energy.