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Q-Park has impressively managed to claim a position as European market leader within the parking sector, which has a stable and long-term appeal supported by long-term urbanisation trends.

The company has a strong focus at creating quality parking solutions and increasing customer satisfaction. It holds a diversified geographical presence in large European cities and centers of growth and is well positioned for further expansions in the future. This aligns the investment in Q-Park with PensionDanmark’s investment strategy, which is to invest in attractive infrastructure assets with strong market positions.

Q-Park, headquartered in Maastricht, the Netherlands, manages more than 547,000 parking lots at over 2,500 facilities located primarily at multi-functional strategic locations in 7 countries in Northern Europe. Key markets are the Netherlands, France and UK . The majority of Q-Park’s facilities are owned or operated under long-term contracts or concessions.

The investment is carried out in a consortium of long-term investors with significant experience in infrastructure, real estate and parking.