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PensionDanmark yields a return of 10 billion DKK in the first quarter

PensionDanmark achieves a return on investment of 10 billion DKK in the first quarter of 2015. The total balance surpassed 180 billion DKK.

By the first quarter of 2015, PensionDanmark's investments generated a return of 9.8 billion DKK (before taxes), and this is more than a doubling of the return received in the same period last year.

For members, this ensures a return of 4.2 pct. (age 65) and 6.9 pct. (age 40) before taxes.

PensionDanmark's balance also grew significantly in the first quarter, amounting to 182 billion DKK. Contributions totaled 2.6 billion DKK, while disbursements totaled 1.5 billion DKK. Deferred contributions increased by approximately 8 pct., which confirms that businesses, affiliated with PensionDanmark's pension plan, are experiencing an increase in the employment rate.

"We are very pleased with the results of this quarter, as we, like other investors, especially benefitted from the rising share prices. Yet, we are still witnessing considerable fluctuations in the financial markets, and are therefore determined to expand our portfolio of stable alternatives", says CEO, Torben Möger Pedersen, PensionDanmark.

In the first quarter, PensionDanmark's investments in infrastructure have been expanded with yet another investment in a biomass power plant in the UK – the third of its kind – through the fund, Copenhagen Infrastructure II. PensionDanmark's real estate portfolio has also been expanded with three large properties in Ballerup, Odense, and Aalborg, tenanted by the IT-company KMD.