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2015 was a year of employment growth for PensionDanmark

In 2015, growth in employment entailed a significant increase in regular premiums and the number of members in PensionDanmark. Return on investments amounted to DKK 7bn before taxes.

The continuous growth in employment impacted PensionDanmark in 2015. Regular premiums saw an increase of 6 pct., totaling DKK 10bn, while the number of members rose with 20.000 to a total of 684.000.

”Job growth is reflected in the contributions. This is certainly the case here, as the significant increase in regular premiums, membership and contributions is indicative of employment growth for the sectors with pension schemes in PensionDanmark. This development is encouraging,” says CEO, Torben Möger Pedersen, PensionDanmark.

In 2015, PensionDanmark generated an investment return of approx. DKK 7bn. For members, this ensures a return on savings of 3 pct. (age 65) and 5.2 pct. (age 40) before taxes.

”2015 was a turbulent year especially for the public markets. Given the circumstances, we are very pleased with this year’s investment return. We have ensured our members an overall return of 67-76 pct., since the financial crisis 2008,” says Torben Möger Pedersen.

This year, PensionDanmark once again lowered the administration fee, and the fee will be decreased further in 2016 with an additional 12 pct., coming to DKK 297 per member. Since 2013, PensionDanmark has reduced a quarter of the costs for members. Faster case reviews, enhanced counselling standards and more digital solutions have also elevated customer service. 

“Overall, the results of 2015 are satisfactory. We are especially pleased with being awarded the company with the most satisfied and loyal customers in the sector by Loyalty Group for the second year in a row,” says Torben Möger Pedersen.  

Total premiums in PensionDanmark came to DKK 12.1bn in 2015, while disbursements totaled DKK 5.9bn. The balance grew by 7 pct., amounting to DKK 183bn.

Key Figures   2015  2014
Premiums, bn DKK 12.1  12.5
Regular premiums, bn DKK 10.8 10.2
Investment return, pre-tax, bn DKK 7.1 16.1
Disbursements, bn DKK 5.9 5.1
Balance, bn DKK  183.1 171
Expense percentage 0.4 2.1
Expense percentage of provisions 0.03 0.17
Members, year-end 684,000 662,000
Returns, pre-tax, age 40 5.2 10.5
Returns, pre-tax, age 65 3.0 10.6


Read the Annual Report here.