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PensionDanmark at the 3GF Summit: Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

At the 2016 Summit in The Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) PensionDanmark will highlight, that the realization of UNs new Sustainable Development Goals and the Climate Agreement reached in Paris demands very large private investments. The Danish model with the Danish Climate Investment Fund, where public aid funds are working together with private pension funds, is the way ahead. There are great export and investment opportunities for Danish companies and pension funds.

The Global Green Growth Forum 2016 Summit taking place in Copenhagen June 6-7 2016 is one of the first international summits after the UN General Assembly in September adopted the new Sustainable Development Goals to be reached in 2030 and the Climate Agreement reached in Paris in December.

“Until last year the agenda was diplomacy and negotiations. Now it is time for execution. The baton is handed forward to the companies, the large investors and the governments. There will be invested in billions in fields, where Danish companies and investors can deliver both solutions and finance,” says PensionDanmarks CEO, Torben Möger Pedersen, who earlier this week was appointed member of 3GF’s Advisory Board by Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen.

Tuesday Torben Möger Pedersen will be participating in the presentation of the Danish State of Greens White Paper: ‘Financing the Green Transition’ presenting innovative Danish investment solutions which during the later years have placed Denmark in front regarding large scale mobilization of private pension funds invested in wind mill farms, biomass power plants and sustainable buildings.

Later Tuesday Torben Möger Petersen is participating in the 3GF-session Accelerating Financial Investments in Sustainable Growth addressing how to accelerate the pace of sustainable investing through the use of ‘blended finance’, where public aid funds are combined with private pension funds as it is known from the pioneering Danish investment funds, The Danish Climate Investment Fund from 2014 and The Danish Agribusiness Fund launched February this year.

The two funds, that are attracting great international attention, are established in common with The Foreign Ministry, IFU, Denmark’s Investment Fund for Developing Countries, and several Danish pension funds comprising PensionDanmark.


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