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PensionDanmark to build affordable housing for students and teachers at The Technical University of Denmark

Boligfonden DTU, an independent company attached to The Technical University of Denmark, and PensionDanmark are establishing a joint venture to build and rent out residence halls for students at The Technical University of Denmark.

PensionDanmark and Boligfonden DTU have agreed to form a joint venture to develop affordable housing units for Danish and foreign students and temporary employees (guest professors, PhD-students) at The Technical University of Denmark. The residential facilities will be built on locations with at substantial long-run demand and a maximum of 30 minutes of transportation to the university campus in the northern part of Copenhagen.

The residential facilities in this public-private partnership will be developed jointly. Boligfonden DTU will rent the housing units from the joint venture company, whereupon Boligfonden DTU will rent them on to the students and teachers. Boligfonden DTU will be responsible for facility management while PensionDanmark contributes with building competences in the development of the concept for the residential facilities. PensionDanmark will be the owner of the apartments.

Boligfonden DTU is foreseeing a demand for 1.300 apartments, which are to be built as quickly as possible and the joint venture company is expecting to launch a number of projects already in 2017.

“We have developed an exciting new PPP-model for long term cooperation with The Technical University of Denmark. The partnership will reduce the existing housing shortage for students and at the same time ensure a stable and attractive investment return to PensionDanmarks members. The model can be replicated in partnerships between PensionDanmark and other universities and institutions of education,” says Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO of PensionDanmark.