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Danish pension plans highlighted in new World Economic Forum White Paper

World Economic Forum has just published their white paper ”Innovations in Long-Term Capital Management – The Practitioners Perspective.” The white paper focuses on how long-term investors create value for their clients and is intended as a source of inspiration to other investors.  

On the basis of input from 21 capital owners and managers from around the world, the paper concludes that there has been a development in the way long-term investors generate value for their clients, which is partly caused by the current low-interest-rate environment.

According to World Economic Forum, long-term investors must adopt a more agile and innovative approach to their value creating efforts. The White Paper pinpoints PensionDanmark and ATP as global front-runners, when it comes to seeking new ways in this matter.

In a case study World Economic Forum highlights how PensionDanmark attempts to ensure the highest possible buying power of members’ pension savings by taking a prudent level of risk and pursuing a first-mover strategy regarding their direct infrastructure investments.

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