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PensionDanmark invests 200 mio. USD in Maritime Investment Fund

PensionDanmark is investing in a new maritime investment fund which will buy, lease and sell ships. 

Many months of preparation lies prior to the establishment of the new fund, Maritime Investment Fund, in which PensionDanmark is one of the investors.

”PensionDanmark has for a while had a close dialogue with a number of players in the shipping business regarding collaboration in the maritime field. This has resulted in the establishment of Maritime Investment Fund to which PensionDanmark has committed 200 mio. USD,” states CEO Torben Möger Pedersen, PensionDanmark.

The three investors (PensionDanmark, Danica and Navigare Capital Partners) have agreed to invest more than 300 mio. USD in the new fund. The fund will eventually invite other institutional investors to participate.

The purpose of the fund is to build a diversified portfolio of maritime assets including dry bulk, container, offshore, product, crude oil and chemical tankers, to put on charter to operators. Depending on the market conditions the ships will be sold off after a certain period of ownership.

”The investment will be handled by a very competent management team with a broad shipping experience e.g. from Maersk Brokers. We expect the new maritime fund to be a good investment with an attractive return during our relatively long term horizon,” says CEO Torben Möger Pedersen, PensionDanmark.