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PensionDanmark’s alternatives strategy honoured in Milan

PensionDanmark received an award for best Alternatives Strategy when IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2018 were held in Milan.

The very first prize for best Alternatives Strategy went to PensionDanmark when the annual winners of the IPE Real Estate Global Awards were presented in Milan Tuesday night.

The new award honours the increasingly prominent role played by more specialist markets and niche sectors, such as student housing and care homes and how they support the long-term objectives and risk return profile.

In the summary, the jury states that PensionDanmark’s strategy and value-creating concepts for sustainable and high quality niche sectors such as student housing and the segment of 50+ is "A well diversified alternative real estate strategy, with a focus on market demand and tailor-made products. PensionDanmark is ahead of the curve." 

“A strong commitment to clever investments in sustainable properties is a corner stone in our dedication to the role as caretaker of social responsibility. At the same time sustainable properties of the highest standards are more attractive for owners and tenants and are thus exposed to a lower risk of vacant premises, which implies that our Sustainability Program and certification helps provide solid returns for our members” says CEO Torben Möger Pedersen, PensionDanmark.

In 2017 PensionDanmark developed a Sustainability Program setting out detailed requirements for the properties build. Among these new concepts that will benefit students and the segment 50+ in many years to come. The program is regulating the financial, technical, environmental and social standards of the property. These requirements set out to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the property and to enhance the health and well-being of its users.

PensionDanmark is furthermore a driver and leading within certified properties in Denmark. The portfolio of certified real estate currently comprise 175,000 m2 with another 200,000 m2 in the pipeline. PensionDanmark currently owns 19 sustainability-certified properties.

As a part of the sustainability strategy PensionDanmark cooperates with Green Building Council (Denmark) on the development and dissemination of the DGNB sustainability certification in Denmark.