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PensionDanmark invests DKK 400m in new Danish sustainability fund

Six pension funds and the Danish State, through the Investment Fund for Developing Countries, IFU, have given investment commitment to establish a new Danish SDG Investment Fund. It will contribute to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries and promote Danish know-how and technology. The initial capital commitment is DKK 4.1bn.

Today PensionDanmark has committed to invest DKK 400m in a new fund – the Danish SDG Investment Fund. The aligning investment commitments from PKA, PFA, JØP/DIP and PenSam secures a private commitment of DKK 2.4bn. Alongside this, the investment commitment from IFU is DKK 1.65bn. In a second closing, the fund is expected to raise DKK 1bn more.

The new SDG- fund is a public-private partnership in which, public and private capital is collaborating, because substantial private investments is needed to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals towards 2030.

“The new fund is a good example how to mobilize private capital in a large scale to fund the investments needed to fulfill the Global Goals. This initiative is underlining, that the best development aid is sustainable business,” says CEO Torben Möger Pedersen, PensionDanmark, and continues:

“The SDG-fund is the third “blended finance” fund where PensionDanmark teams up with IFU. We are expecting good returns from these investments and are at the same time proud of contributing to the solution of the greatest societal issues and helping Danish firms and technologies towards new markets.”

The previous investments in ”blended finance” are the Danish Agribusiness Fund (2016) and the Danish Climate Investment Fund (2014). 

Please read the press release from IFU here.