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PensionDanmark wins SDG Tech Award

PensionDanmark received Thursday night the SDG Tech Award 2019 Financial Support.

At the 6th SDG Tech Award Festival held in Copenhagen celebrating sustainable technology solutions in Denmark, PensionDanmark won the SDG Tech Award in the category Financial Support.

PensionDanmark was awarded in recognition of the company’s dedication to the UN Sustainable Development Goals pursuing sustainable and innovative technology solutions. As a provider of supplementary welfare benefits within the areas of pension, social security and lifelong education and as a major investor in renewable energy, PensionDanmark is relying on the SDG’s as most of the 17 goals are relevant as guidelines and targets.

“I see the award as an international recognition of PensionDanmarks persistent focus on securing the best possible pension scheme for our members and at the same time helping to make the world a better place. The SDG’s are an integral part of our work with innovation and sustainable investments. We have been frontrunners in digitalizing processes and investments in sustainable real estate and renewable energy. The award is an additional motivation to continue the work,” says PensionDanmark CEO Torben Möger Pedersen.

It is PensionDanmark’s goal, that members and their relatives are guaranteed favor-able and well-designed pension and insurance schemes, while initiatives within health, prevention and further education contribute to more productive years in the labor market. PensionDanmark is continuously working to find new and innovative solutions for significant societal issues – be it discovering new ways of financing climate-friendly investments, establishing preventive health schemes or being the frontrunner of digital partnerships between public and private sectors. The main fo-cus is to identify, implement and establish concrete investments, products and solu-tions that ultimately make a relevant difference for our members.