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PensionDanmark awarded best Danish pension fund 2021

PensionDanmark was awarded ‘Country Winner Denmark' at the IPE Awards 2021 in Madrid. PensionDanmark’s approach to investments in the green transition and focus on innovative customer service through a new cloud based it-platform was pointed out.



The largest labour market pension fund in Denmark won the regional award as Danish pension fund of the year, when the best European pension funds were praised at the IPE Awards 2021.

Among other things, PensionDanmark’s focus on investing in the frontrunners of the green transition in industries in great need of bringing down their CO2 emissions instead of excluding companies was stressed at the award ceremony in Madrid Thursday night.

”The award marks, that the jury shares our view on how investors contribute to the green transition and meet social responsibility in the best possible way. This is done by investing in companies who in even the most challenged industries, such as shipping, the building material industry and farming, have started transforming their business models in a climate friendly direction. Instead of taking the easy solution and only invest in ‘green darlings’. This would be greenwashing. We believe, that the best investment for our members are in companies who have actively decided to contribute positively to the outside world and live up to their social responsibilities,” says Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO of PensionDanmark.

Moreover, PensionDanmark has invested in sustainable real estate as well as sustainable energy infrastructure all over the world.

PensionDanmark’s focus on innovative streamlining of customer services through digitalization was brought out as another reason for the award as best Danish pension fund. This year, PensionDanmark has switched to a purely cloud based it-platform as the first pension fund in Europe. This provides a more efficient and personalized customer service and help keep administration cost down.

”Digital innovation is a key tool when we strive to be the most cost efficient pension fund and at the same time have high customer satisfaction and modern products accommodating the needs of the individual families. Our new platform speeds up processing and improves the human resource consumption and thereby provide more time to service the members and further improve their experience in the contact with PensionDanmark,” says Torben Möger Pedersen.

PensionDanmark has previously received the main award as ‘European Pension Fund of the Year’ in 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2020.


FACTS: IPE Awards for PensionDanmark in recent years

2021: Country Award - Denmark
2020: European Pension Fund of the Year, Country Award - Denmark and Real Assets & Infrastructure
2019: Country Award - Denmark (shared with ATP)
2018: European Pension Fund of the Year, Outstanding Industry Contribution (awarded to Torben Möger Pedersen), Country Award - Denmark, Credit & Alternatives and Innovation
2017: European Pension Fund of the Year and Innovation