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Two international Real Estate Awards for PensionDanmark

PensionDanmark was awarded best Nordic Fund and for its Value-added Strategy at the IPE Real Estate Global Conference & Awards in Copenhagen.

When IPE Real Estate Global Awards were presented on Thursday night at Villa Copenhagen, PensionDanmark received international recognition. The largest Danish labour market pension fund was thus awarded Nordic Investor of the Year as well as for its Value-added Strategy.

PensionDanmark was among other things nominated for the last-mentioned award for achieving good results based on a dedicated strategy for sustainability in long-term investments in commercial leases as well as student housing.

For PensionDanmark’s CEO, Torben Möger Pedersen, the awards marks Pension-Danmarks success on developing and pursuing a strategy for investments in real estate that not only contributes to a financially secure retirement for members:

”It is deeply encoded in PensionDanmark’s DNA to future-proof member’s pension savings by providing satisfactory returns on investments. But it is equally clear, that profitability should go hand in hand with social responsibility in the development, construction as well as maintenance of the projects, we’re involved in.”

”I therefore regard the awards as an important recognition of our real estate team. Through continued innovative and competent strategic work, they have succeeded in making social responsibility and sustainability a precondition for good returns and not an opposite,” says Torben Möger Pedersen.