Who we are

PensionDanmark is a non-profit labor market pension fund and one of the 50 largest pension funds in Europe. We currently have EUR 26.4bn under management. 

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PensionDanmark is a well consolidated pension fund. The companys aggregate individual solvency requirement was estimated at EUR 0.13 billion on 31 December 2015. Its regulatory capital after the financing of risk supplements was EUR 0.48 billion, giving excess solvency of EUR 0.35 billion.

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PensionDanmark's Board of Directors consists of 16 members.  The Board emphasizes the importance of adhering to the recommendations for good and effective corporate governance in the field of labor market pensions. This includes a high degree of transparency concerning all aspects of the companys activities.

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PensionDanmark's journey began in the early 1990s. Here are some of our historical highlights.

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PensionDanmark offers its members pension plans, insurances, a health care scheme and manages a number of life-long education plans. The products are designed to ensure our members a viable work life and financial security during their retirement. 

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Total assets (end of third quarter 2016) DKK 194bn
Premiums (end of third quarter 2016) DKK 9.6bn
Benefits, paid (end of third quarter 2016)

DKK 5.0bn

Number of members (1. st half 2016) 694,000
 - Active members 380,600
 - Deferred members 314,000
Companies (end of 2015) 25.300