PensionDanmark operates in adherence to existing legislation and the recommendations for good and effective corporate governance. A main priority is that PensionDanmark’s administration and activities reflect the interest of our shareholders and members, and that the company’s activities and risks are responsibly monitored and managed.



PensionDanmark also emphasizes maintaining and further developing a high level of transparency in all regards concerning the company’s activities, good information and dialogue with the stakeholders, as well as high professional standards for the work of the Board and executive management. This is ensured by approving an information- and communication policy and by examining the effectiveness of the company’s communication.


Internal assessment

The Board of Directors must constantly encompass necessary knowledge and experience in terms of PensionDanmark’s risks to ensure sound performance of its tasks, duties and the operation of PensionDanmark. At least once a year, the Board executes an overall evaluation of its composition and competency level in proportion to PensionDanmark’s business model, strategy and risk profile, as well as an evaluation of the collaboration between the Board and management.


Constellation of the Board

PensionDanmark’s Board consists of 17 members, as the shareholders value the importance of a wide spectrum of Danish collective agreement parties on the board to ensure ownership, insight and influence. The advantages of this composition are assessed to outweigh the benefits of reducing the number of board members.