IPE Awards 2021: Country Awards - Denmark

Jury statement: "Emphasis on investing in green transition leaders, rather than exclusion."

Estate Media Award 2021

Jury statement: "The Estate Media Award, which is the foremost award of the five Ejendomspriser (real estate awards), is given to a profile or company... "

IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2020: Value-added Strategy

Jury statement: “A real focus on value-add, clearly articulated with ample examples, PensionDanmark is really contributing to society with its value-add strategy.”

Sustainable Investment Awards 2021: European Pension Fund of the Year

The recognition were among other things given for a firm strategic decision to combine investments in green infrastructure among others with good returns for members...


See below the prices that PensionDanmark has received since 2015.




Awards received since 2015

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