We are long-term investors with the capability and flexibility to be an active and value-adding partner in a wide range of transactions

Our investment focus is infrastructure loans, structured loans, corporate loans and credit funds that meets our investment criteria. Our direct investments can be both in senior secured credits as well as junior and mezzanine loan tranches. Our fund investments cover a broad scope and are primarily driven by the objective to obtain the most efficient access to selective investment opportunities.

Our aim is to build a diversified portfolio in cooperation with experienced investors and sponsors as well as being an investment partner to banks, asset managers and other institutions.

Infrastructure and asset backed loans

Our aim is to invest in solid credit investments with long maturities, in order to harvest an illiquidity premium with longer tenors than preferred by bank markets. Our approach to new credit investments is opportunistic, as we strive to build a diversified portfolio with diverse dynamics.

Corporate Loans

Within the corporate credit sector our focus is to invest in high quality companies sponsored by corporates and private equity sponsors. The aim is to harvest a premium by working with sponsors in developing flexible financial solutions. Our corporate credit investments span from corporate acquisition loans to subordinated credit tranches.

Credit Funds

We invest in credit funds when they offer market access, resources and skills, which we do not possess in-house. As with other private debt investments, we seek investment opportunities where there is an attractive premium for liquidity, complexity and tenor to be harvested.

Contacts for Alternative Investments

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