Today, the primary focus is to increase exposure to traditional private equity funds. Other asset classes such as mezzanine, distressed debt, infrastructure, real estate funds and farmland may be considered if they meet our investment criterias on an ad hoc basis, subject to priorities.


The private equity portfolio serves to complement the public equities portfolio. With proper manager selection based on our investment criteria, and vintage year diversification, we believe private equity is likely to offer attractive return premiums. In addition, private markets offer exposure to parts of the economy that public markets do not, and private equity is well suited to tap into these and accelerate value creation.

Philosophy and approach

Our strategy is to focus on mature, well-established fund managers who predominantly invest in Western Europe and the US, while limiting the amount of GP relationships. We seek consistent return premiums rather than exposure, are strong believers in proven fund managers and employ a long term high conviction fund picking approach.

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