Key to achieving this is a high degree of member-oriented digitalisation: Digital solutions allow faster case processing, better resource utilisation and more time for each member, which supports the provision of better member services. They also contribute to keeping costs down, and increased digitalisation thus helps PensionDanmark retain its position as the most cost-effective pension provider in the industry.

PensionDanmark’s member-oriented approach to digitalisation implies that:

  • members and companies can carry out all processes and product adjustments digitally on in flows that are closely coordinated with Member Services.
  • robots function as digital PensionDanmark employees, performing a wide range of advisory and processing tasks that were previously handled by member and corporate advisers, nurses, social workers and other specialists.
  • e-mail responses and the dialogue between the chatbot and members are handled by means of machine learning.
  • all outgoing messages are personalised based on machine learning/AI and are sent out to relevant members through their preferred channels.
  • Members and companies are guaranteed automatic and up-to-date training recommendations on our supplementary training site by means of machine learning based on master data, course history and industry association.

A number of PensionDanmark’s digital solutions, including our supplementary training site, are based on a data exchange collaboration with public authorities.