Over time, a number of insurances that provide cover to members and their families in the event of death, early retirement benefit or critical illness has supplemented the retirement savings schemes. All collective agreement sectors have agreed to include PensionDanmark’s healthcare programme in their members’ product packages. The healthcare programme gives members access to a comprehensive programme of preventive interdisciplinary treatment and health-promoting measures.

PensionDanmark also manages educational funds for most of the collective agreement sectors that have pension schemes with PensionDanmark. By promoting health and skills, PensionDanmark’s health and supplementary training offers help retaining members in the labour market.

Standard insurance cover should be carefully designed to ensure that members are sufficiently covered and that their savings are managed in the best possible way. However, members have the option of adjusting insurance amounts to align them with their individual needs.

PensionDanmark’s mission is to give our members a profitable return on their savings after tax and inflation to ensure their retirement pension benefits maintain purchasing power. Accordingly, when we invest our members’ savings, we diversify risk in order to reduce the probability of loss as a result of adverse developments in certain segments of the financial markets.

Thanks to this strategy, our members receive returns that are less dependent on developments in the world economy and equity markets. When we invest a member’s savings, we take the member’s age into account so that the risk associated with the individual portfolio will be reduced concurrently with the member approaching retirement age.

As an investor, PensionDanmark endeavours to be a responsible investor and exercises active ownership. This means that we set high business conduct standards for the businesses in which we invest member savings. Where infrastructure and real estate investments are concerned, we also have high standards for sustainability.

PensionDanmark is committed to providing supreme customer service while at the same time retaining our position as one of Denmark’s most cost-effective pension providers. Our success relies largely on a state-of-the-art IT platform focused on process automation through, e.g., the use of robotics and artificial intelligence as well as systematic use of digital platforms when communicating with members, companies and organisations.

We put our members first when managing their savings. With great respect for the individual member, our member service focuses on availability, short processing and response times, and clear communication.