The healthcare programme focuses on early action to prevent minor symptoms from developing into chronic disorders. The purpose of the programme is to help our members stay fit for work and remain in the labour market for as long as possible. This is in the interests of our members, the companies they work for and society.

We try to achieve this by offering a wide range of treatments and coordinated efforts that revolve around job retention. Our measures are intended to prevent injuries from occurring, while our coordinated activities aim to provide assistance when and after an injury occurs.

PensionDanmark’s team of nurses and social workers take a holistic approach to their work, which means that they provide guidance and advice through the entire process from initial contact over examination and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. This ensures that members right away receive the right guidance as well as treatment matching their situation and needs.

Treatment options

  • Physical treatments: In case of joint, muscle or tendon problems, our members have access to treatment by a physiotherapist or a chiropractor through a nationwide network of therapists.

  • Prompt Diagnosis: We ensure our members get a prompt diagnosis so they can start the right treatment quickly and without unnecessary delay. The offer also comprises a two-month rehabilitation program with a physiotherapist.

  • Guidance: Our team of experienced nurses and social workers assist members who are or risk becoming absent for longer periods. The team provides guidance on options, rights and rules in the public healthcare system, including waiting times, the free choice of hospitals, rehabilitation, medicine reimbursement and complaint procedures.

  • Online psychologist: Our members can consult a psychologist online, e.g., if they feel stressed at work, suffer from anxiety, have divorced, or lost a loved one. Online psychologist helps our members whether the problems have to do with their job or their private life.

  • Online doctor: When it is difficult to see the doctor within opening hours, our members can consult Online doctor. Online Doctor is a supplement to the services provided by the member’s own doctor.

  • Unemployed members and members with long-term illnesses: Unemployed members and members with long-term illnesses automatically have healthcare cover for a period of 12 months after their pension contributions have been suspended. Retirees are also covered by the healthcare programme.