Supplementary training and skills upgrading are crucial to society, to businesses and to individual members: By upgrading their skills, members strengthen their ties to the labour market and give companies access to skilled staff for the benefit of the Danish economy.

Moreover, studies show that lifelong learning leads to less sickness absence, enhanced job security and job mobility and higher incomes.

According to forecasts from the Economic Council of the Labour Movement, by 2030 Denmark will be short of some 99,000 skilled workers, whereas the number of unskilled workers and workers with only upper secondary education will exceed demand by 110,000 in the absence of a substantial skills upgrade. A wide range of industries will be affected by this.

Accordingly, our lifelong learning efforts set out to:

  • stimulate adult and supplementary training among our members
  • ensure that training programmes are aligned with the skills of each individual as well as with the company’s needs.

This goal is supported in part by the 20 educational funds managed by PensionDanmark, which provide financial support for various types of supplementary training programmes.


New training site — new opportunities

At the beginning of 2019, we launched a new supplementary training site providing members with a 360-degree overview of their supplementary training options, completed training programmes and work experience and with guidance in identifying relevant training courses within the framework of their respective educational funds.

The site also provides employees and employers with new opportunities for collaborating on drawing up development plans and sharing information on completed training and supplementary training programmes. The site provides a complete overview of completed training programmes, the number of remaining training days to which a member is entitled, etc. This makes it easy for the company to plan supplementary training activity based on the funding provided by the relevant educational fund.


Digital collaboration

Building on new digital solutions and collaboration with public authorities, the new supplementary training site facilitates the management of the educational funds.

The site retrieves data from a number of external platforms. A key partner in this connection is the Ministry of Education’s National Agency for IT and Learning, which exchanges data with PensionDanmark based on an extended public-private collaboration. Applying individual data from these databases, supplementary training proposals can be customised to individual members based on their data and the industry in which they work.

When a company enrols employees in AMU programmes (adult vocational training programmes), PensionDanmark’s digital solutions will ensure that the company is automatically notified of any funding available from the educational fund when the programme has been completed.