Insurance covers are aligned with the needs of members within individual sectors. Members can adjust insurance sums if required.

PensionDanmark’s products are intended as a supplement to – not a replacement for – public benefits and offers.


Death before retirement age

Cover on death is intended to provide financial security for surviving relatives during a transitional period to allow them to handle practical matters etc. As the need for cover on death depends on the circumstances of the individual member, such as family and housing situation, members have the option of choosing their own level of coverage.


Critical illness

Members who are diagnosed with an illness that is on PensionDanmark’s list of critical illnesses will receive a tax-free lump sum plus one year’s paid membership of a relevant patients association, such as the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Heart Foundation or the Parkinson’s Disease Association.


Anticipatory pension, resource programmes and senior pension

Reduced working capacity insurance is intended to secure member incomes and continued pension contributions on transition to public anticipatory pension. The payment of benefits from PensionDanmark is conditional upon the member having been awarded public anticipatory pension. This ensures a simple, easy-to-manage and clear award basis.

When a member is awarded public anticipatory pension, he or she, in addition to a tax-free lump sum, will generally receive monthly supplementary anticipatory pension benefits which, together with supplementary labour market pension (SUPP), ensure that contributions to the member’s pension savings continue as before. Half the lump sum may be paid out in advance when the member has been in a resource programme for at least 12 months.

The supplementary anticipatory pension benefits will cease three years before the member becomes eligible to receive state pension in order to ensure a stepwise transition from the income level on anticipatory pension to the level on state pension.

Members who have been awarded senior pension are also eligible for supplementary anticipatory pension benefits. 


Subsidised jobs

Members in subsidised jobs have savings balance protection guaranteeing that their pension contributions remain the same as when they were in ordinary employment.


Automatic notification on coverage

Through the integration of public registers, PensionDanmark ensures that members are automatically notified when their insurance covers become operative.