PensionDanmark’s investments are both long term and multifaceted. That is why we consider it a part of our responsibility, as a developer of urban spaces and properties, to help solve the global biodiversity crisis. We cannot build the crisis away, but we can invest and build in harmony with nature – and we can commit ourselves to strengthening biodiversity through our work.

We have therefore set ourselves the goal of making sure our future investments not only generate value for people. We must also create better conditions for all the other living organisms and the ecosystems that play a role in supporting and sustaining all life on our planet. That is also why we have chosen to name our biodiversity strategy Investments for Life.

About the strategy

The biodiversity strategy is based around a promise and a range of principles with affiliated actions that span across the entire value chain, from land purchases and project development to construction, maintenance, and evaluation.

In its current version, the strategy is limited to urban development areas and new developments, but the Progression section lays the ground for the strategy to be continuously expanded in terms of its scope. Thus within the foreseeable future, the strategy will also grow to encompass existing properties, supply chains, user behaviour, compensation investments and other investments made by PensionDanmark. This aligns with PensionDanmark’s decision to sign the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge which commits institutional investors to protect and restore biodiversity through their financing activities and investments.

As a tool, the biodiversity strategy is intended to function in conjunction with both the urban programme and the sustainability programme that form part of the PensionDanmark housing and business platform.

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