Who we are

PensionDanmark is one of the 50 largest pension funds in Europe with currently EUR 34bn under management. We are a non-profit labor market pension fund and serves 738,000 members. 

Vision and mission

PensionDanmark’s objective is to manage and develop labor-market pension and insurance schemes that create the highest possible value for our members, companies and organizations.

PensionDanmark aspires to be the preferred business partner of labor unions, employers’ organizations and companies in the market of labor-market-embedded pension and insurance schemes.

This position is pursued by continuously working on finding new and innovative solutions for significant societal issues – be it discovering new ways of financing climate-friendly investments, establishing preventive health schemes or being the front-runner of digital partnerships between public and private sectors. The main focus is to identify, implement and establish concrete investments, products and systems that ultimately make a relevant difference for our members.  

It is our goal that members and their relatives are guaranteed favorable and well-designed pension and insurance schemes, while initiatives within health, prevention and further education contribute to more productive years in the labor market.

It is a main concern that PensionDanmark is Denmark’s most cost-efficient pension fund. This is why PensionDanmark’s business model is centered around digital solutions that ensure effective administration. 

Our members' occupation