• Trade Union President, United Federation of Danish Workers
    Chairman of PensionDanmark's Board
  • CEO, The Danish Construction Association
    Deputy Chairman of PensionDanmark's Board
  • Mayor, Municipality of Nordfyn, Local Government Denmark
  • Group Chairman, 3F The Public Sector
  • CEO
    EKF Denmark´s Export Credit Agency
  • Group Chairman, 3F Building and Construction
  • CEO , TEKNIQ (Danish Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Association)
  • Group Chairman , 3F The Green Sector
  • Professional Board Member
    Chairman of the Risk- and Audit Committee
  • CEO , Arbejdernes Landsbank
  • Group Chairman, 3F Private Service, Hotels & Restaurants
  • CEO, The Confederation of Danish Enterprise
  • Trade Union President, The Danish Federation of Salaried Employees in Service Trades
  • Trade Union President, Danish Union of Electricians
  • CEO, DI
  • Group Chairman, 3F Transport
  • CEO, HORESTA (Association for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in Denmark)

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