Our services in numbers (Second Quarter 2022)

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Pension scheme

The purpose of PensionDanmark’s pension scheme is to provide financial security for our members and their families in the event of loss or reduction of income from employment or on death


All collective agreement sectors that have pension schemes with PensionDanmark have agreed to make PensionDanmark’s healthcare programme part of their members’ pension schemes


Our pension schemes provide insurance cover in the event of death, certain critical illnesses as well as on the granting of anticipatory pension and subsidised jobs

Lifelong learning

PensionDanmark’s overall objective is to ensure that our members sustain strong ties to the labour market for as long as possible

Product philosophy

PensionDanmark’s products are intended as a supplement to – not a replacement for – public benefits and offers. We aim to secure the best possible interaction with and the least possible offsetting against public benefits