Remuneration Committee

PensionDanmark's Board has established a Remuneration Committee that monitors compliance to the remuneration policy. The remuneration policy is approved by the board. 

Peter Engberg Jensen

Peter Engberg Jensen

Professional Board Member and Board Chairman of the Risk- and Audit Committee

Chairman at PFA INVEST

Chairman at Finansiel Stabilitet A/S

Chairman at Ordrup Gymnasium

Board member at Den Sociale Kapitalfond

Board member at LD - Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond

Member of PensionDanmark's Board since 2014



Per Christensen

Per Christensen

Chairman of PensionDanmark's Board and Trade Union President

United Federation of Danish Workers

Member of LO’s daily management and board

Chairman at Arbejdernes Landsbank

Member of ATP’s Board of Representatives

Deputy Chairman at AKF Holding

Chairman of PensionDanmark's Board since 2014