PensionDanmark offers products that are designed to ensure our members a viable work life and financial security during their retirement.

PensionDanmark's Products

The members pension contributions are equally devided between a life-long retirement pension (annuity) and retirement benefits payable in installments (typically 10 years).

Interests are monthly added to the member's savings from the generated investment return. 

The risk profile of each member is based on the individual's age and investment horizon and determines how the savings are invested.  

Read about our Asset Allocation for more detailed information.  

Our Pension Plan provides insurances in case of death, early retirement and certain critical illnesses. Members are able to independently adjust the sum insured of their coverage.

Through a register linkage, PensionDanmark search for members to notify them, if they are covered by insurance.

In 2005, PensionDanmark started an initiative, whereby members would be covered by a preventive health scheme as part of the pension scheme. Today, approximately 340.000 members are covered by PensionDanmark Health Care. 

PensionDanmark Health Care offers benefits such as multidisciplinary treatments of musculoskeletal problems from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or reflexologist at one of 120 health centers situated at the larger workplaces in Denmark. 

Through 16 education funds administrated by PensionDanmark, companies are able to collect financing for further education for their employees. The goal is to ensure that the skills of the worksforce continuously correspond to labor market requirements.