1. 2019

    PensionDanmark wins global investment award in Amsterdam

    At the IPE Real Estate Global Conference and Awards 2019 in Amsterdam, PensionDanmark won one of the three prestigious platinum awards: Real Assets and Infrastructure Investor of the Year

    PensionDanmark invests DKK 1.7 billion kroner in renewable energy in growth economies

    PensionDanmark has given investment commitment of USD 250m to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ New Markets Fund. The fund will invest in renewable energy infrastructure in growth economies in Latin America and Asia and has reached a total investment commitment of USD 700m in first close.

    PensionDanmark’s Annual Report: Satisfactory performance in a challenging market

    For PensionDanmark, 2018 was a year of continued growth in membership and contributions, of reaching new milestones in digitalising customer service and business processes, of a high customer satisfaction score, low costs – and difficult financial markets accentuating the value of PensionDanmark’s staking on alternative investments.

    PensionDanmark receives European investment award

    At the 27th Annual European Pensions Symposium organized by Institutional Investor, PensionDanmark received the award for Alternative Investments Team of the Year.

  2. 2018

    PensionDanmark invests DKK 400m in new Danish sustainability fund

    Six pension funds and the Danish State, through the Investment Fund for Developing Countries, IFU, have given investment commitment to establish a new Danish SDG Investment Fund. It will contribute to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries and promote Danish know-how and technology. The initial capital commitment is DKK 4.1bn. PensionDanmark has committed to invest DKK 400m in a new fund.

    PensionDanmark Annual Report: Good results in all business areas in 2017

    Satisfactory performances in all business areas made 2017 a very good year for PensionDanmark. Increased membership, growing pension contributions, solid returns and low costs.

    PensionDanmark’s alternatives strategy honoured in Milan

    PensionDanmark received an award for best Alternatives Strategy when IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2018 were held in Milan.

    DKK 16.6bn in investment return for PensionDanmark in 2017

    A good year for investments secured PensionDanmark and its members a good investment return in 2017.

  3. 2017

    PensonDanmark teams up with A.P. Moller Holding in new Africa infrastructure fund

    In collaboration with A.P. Møller Holding, PKA and Medical Doctor's Pension Fund, PensionDanmark commits USD 550m in total to the new infrastructure fund, Africa Infrastructure Fund I. The funds objective is to facilitate investments that supports sustainable economic growth and development in Africa. 

    Nordic Real Estate Investor of the Year

    At the IPE Real Estate Global Conference & Awards, PensionDanmark wins the category "Nordic Real Estate Investor of the Year". PensionDanmark has16 billion DKK invested in real estate and property development with 5 billion in pipeline. 

    PensionDanmark invests in Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners' new fund

    PensionDanmark commits 4 bn DKK to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners' third infrastructure fund, Copenhagen Infrastructure III. In its first closing the fund receives a total commitment of 8.8 bn DKK.

    PensionDanmark behind new maratime Investment Fund

    PensionDanmark invests 200 mio. USD in the Maritime Investment Fund which will buy, lease and sell ships. 

    A good year for PensionDanmark’s members

    For PensionDanmark, 2016 was characterised by an inflow of new members, higher pension contributions, solid returns and lower costs. The number of members covered by employer-paid pension schemes is now back at the pre-crisis level of almost ten years ago.

    ATP Real Estate and PensionDanmark acquire Copenhagen Mariott Hotel

    Together with ATP Real Estate, PensionDanmark acquires one of Copenhagen’s most prominent hotel properties, the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel. The two investors each acquires 50 percent of the property for a total purchase price of approx. € 135m. 

  4. 2016

    PensionDanmark to build affordable housing for students at The Technical University of Denmark

    Boligfonden DTU, an independent company attached to The Technical University of Denmark, and PensionDanmark are establishing a joint venture to build and rent out residence halls for students and teachers at The Technical University of Denmark.

    Extraordinary appointment to PensionDanmarks CEO

    PensionDanmarks CEO has been appointed member of Advisory Board to OECDs new Centre on Green Finance and Investment.

    PensionDanmark: Satisfying half-year results

    PensionDanmark delivered before-tax investment returns close to DKK 4bn in the first half-year of 2016. Administrative costs were further reduced and premiums grew.

    Danish pension plans highlighted in World Economic Forum White Paper

    The White Paper ”Innovations in Long-Term Capital Management – The Practitioners Perspective” pinpoints PensionDanmark and ATP as global front-runners in adopting a more agile and innovative approach to their value creating efforts.

    PensionDanmark wins alternative investments awards

    At the conference ”Nordic Peer-to-Peer Awards” in Stockholm PensionDanmark won the awards ”Alternative Investments Team of the Year” and ”Best Use of ESG in Alternative Investments”.

    PensionDanmark receives award for most loyal customers second year in a row.

    PensionDanmark has the most loyal and satisfied costumers among Danish pension scheme companies according to the result of Loyalty Group's analysis BrancheIndex Pension.

    12 pct. drop in administration fee

    Though 2016 PensionDanmark brings down the administration fees with 12 pct. from 336 kr. to 297 kr. With this reduction the member paid administration fee has been reduced with a total of 25 pct. since 2013  

    PensionDanmark invests in Danish Agribusiness Fund

    PensionDanmark, along with the Danish government, IFU and PKA are investors in the new Danish Agribusiness Fund focusing om the development of the food industry in Developing Countries.

  5. 2015

    PensionDanmark invests in UK’s largest rolling stock company

    PensionDanmark expands its infrastructure portfolio with an investment in British Angel Trains. The leading British train leasing specialist holds a portfolio of approx. 4,500 vehicles, which are leased to train operating companies in the UK. 

    Major investment in new infrastructure fund

    PensionDanmark makes an EUR 536m investment commitment to Copenhagen Infrastructure Fund II, which holds a total of approx. EUR 2bn. PensionDanmark is the largest fund investor among international investors from Norway, Sweden and England.  

    Breaking grounds on significant real estate investment

    PensionDanmark initiates the development of 120 residences on Island Brygge in Copenhagen. PensionDanmark plans to build 500-600 residences divided among five areas on Islands Brygge during the coming years, making a total investment of approx. EUR 201m. 

  6. 2014

    660.000 members and 170 bn DKK

    The accumulated balance surpasses 170 bn DKK by the end of the year. 

    The total number of members reaches 660.000. 

    Industry awards and improved service

    PensionDanmark receives two prestigious industry awards: 

    1. Best European Pension Fund (IPE).

    2. The pension company in Denmark with the most satisfied and loyal customers (Loyalty Group).

    In the same period, we are implementing a new administrative platform, which will expand our service and counselling to members. As a result of the platform and other measures, we are reducing the administrative costs by 10 pct.

    The Health Scheme is broadened with a team of experienced nurses

    PensionDanmark develops its Health Scheme with the addition of a team of experienced nurses. Their purpose is to help long-term ill members return to their jobs. Through a new collaboration with the public authorities, we ensure that long-term ill are automatically offered help. 

  7. 2013

    PensionDanmark buys British wind farms

    Via the fund Copenhagen Infrastructure 1, PensionDanmark invests approx. 1.35 bn DKK in the acquirement of close to half of six British wind farms from Falck Renewables S.p.A. The farms have a collective capacity of 273 MW. 

    Increase in the number of members

    In 2013, the number of members tops 642.000. 

    Members' accumulated assets surpass 150 bn DKK

    PensionDanmark sets a milestone: Members' accumulated balance surpasses 150 bn DKK this November, which is an three-fold increase since 2005. 

    We are simultaneously strengthening our position by being Denmark's most cost efficient pension company. We reduce member administrative costs with 6 pct. from 396 DKK to 372 DKK per member. 

    PensionDanmark will operate power plants abroad

    PensionDanmark and Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractors form a joint venture, BWSC PLC. BWSC PLC will operate power plants abroad. The first investment is of 1.4 bn DKK in a biomass power plant in the UK. 

    Expansion of the Health Scheme

    PensionDanmark expands its Health Scheme, enabling the scheme to offer treatments of injuries sustained in free time as well extending coverage to unemployed members and pensioners, so they can enjoy the benefits. 

    Collected number of members with access to PensionDanmark's Health Scheme totals 245.000. 

    Number of members with access to Fast Diagnosis totals 233.000. 

  8. 2012

    Growth in membership and more are encompassed by the Health Scheme

    The number of members with access to PensionDanmark's Health Scheme reaches 180.000. 

    The number of members with access to Fast Diagnosis reaches 150.000. 

    Total number of members surpass 629.000. 

    PensionDanmark invests 6 bn DKK in a new infrastructure fund

    Together with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), PensionDanmark invests in a 6 billion DKK programme this October. CIP will on PensionDanmark's behalf invest in infrastructure in Europe and Northern America. 

    PensionDanmark invests in American wind farms for the first time

    PensionDanmark purchases half of three American wind farms from the German energy group E.ON. The investment is a supplement to PensionDanmark's investments in Anholt and Nysted Offshore Wind Farms. PensionDanmark's objective is to invest an additional 12 bn DKK in infrastructure over the next five years. 

    Awarded Best European Pension Fund

    PensionDanmark receives Best European Pension Fund Award at IPE European Pension Funds Awards, which is the largest of its kind with several hundred participating pension funds.

    Fast Diagnosis for the green industry sector and the transport sector

    20.000 members within the green industry sector and 40.000 members within the transport sector gain access to the Fast Diagnosis product, as a benefit of the Health Scheme. 

  9. 2011

    One year of increase in members with access to the Health Schemes

    The number of pensioners with on-going disbursements tops 20.000.

    The number of members with access to PensionDanmark's Health Scheme comes to 150.000. 

    Total number of members surpasses 600.000. 

    Collaboration secures 10 bn DKK for export growth

    PensionDanmark and EKF (Eksport Kredit Fonden) enter into an innovative collaboration to strengthen Danish export. The collaboration involves a 10 bn DKK provision from PensionDanmark to the financing of Danish export orders. 

    The two parties expect that wind farms will account for a significant portion of the joint projects. 

    Trainees and apprentices are covered by health insurance

    9.000 trainees and apprentices are covered by an employer-funded insurance scheme providing coverage on critical illness, early retirement or death. Some collective agreements also include access to the benefits of PensionDanmark's Health Scheme. 

  10. 2010

    PensionDanmark doubles its accumulated balance in five years

    PensionDanmark increases investment in real estate by 7.3 bn DKK. 

    Members' accumulated assets top 100 bn DKK, and by the turn of the year reach 106 bn DKK, which is a 100 pct. increase in five years. Premiums amount to 10 bn DKK. 

    Health Scheme for the building industry

    Members in the building industry are entitled to a health care scheme via the collective agreement. 45.000 gain access to the benefits of PensionDanmark's Health Scheme. 

    PensionDanmark invests 0.7 bn DKK in Danish offshore wind turbines

    PensionDanmark enters into an agreement with Dong Energy, by which PensionDanmark acquires half of Nysted Offshore Wind Farm for 700 mill. DKK. The agreement between a pension company and an industrial partner is the first of its kind. 

    Free membership to Gigtforeningen

    PensionDanmark and Gigtforeningen enter into a cooperation, which results in a one-year free membership to the patients association, Gigtforeningen, for members granted public early retirement due to musculoskeletal problems. 

  11. 2009

    Free membership to five patients associations

    PensionDanmark engages in collaboration with five patients associations, HjerneSagen, Hjerteforeningen, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Scleroseforeningen and Parkinson foreningen. The collaboration entails a one-year free membership to a relevant patients assocation for members suffering from certain critical illnesses, in addition to the tax-free lump sum of averagely 100.000 DKK. 

    Easier access to education

    Uddannelsesfonde.dk is launched, making the company's proces of subsidy application for employee self-elected education easier and fully electronic. 

    Fast diagnosis for hairdressers and cosmeticians

    PensionDanmark's Health Scheme is expanded with "Fast Diagnosis" for members of Dansk Frisør & Kosmetiker Forbund (DFKF) and Falck employees. 

    Members get market rate of interest

    Life-long retirement savings are restructured to market returns, so that members monthly have the actual investment return added to their deposits. 

    Extended coverage on critical illness

    Insurance coverage on critical illness is extended to 65 years. 

  12. 2008

    PensionDanmark's Health Scheme tops 100.000 treatments

    Electricians and hourly employees in dairy companies are covered by PensionDanmark's Health Scheme, which in 2008 tops 100.000 treatments and encompasses 100.000 members. 

    Number of pensioners receiving on-going benefit disbursements reaches 10.000. 

    The total number of members surpasses 550.000. 

    PensionDanmark, first to disburse to NemKonto

    PensionDanmark is the first private company to disburse to "NemKonto" (an obligatory Danish "easy bank account" for the receival of disbursements from the public sector). 

    Raised contribution rate for the SALA/LO sector

    The parties of the SALA/LO sector decide on the occasion of the collective agreement renewal that the contributed rate should be raised from 11.55 pct. to 12.75 pct. over the course of three years. 

  13. 2007

    90.000 members are covered by the Health Scheme

    The heating/ventilation/sanitation sector and members of HK (Danish union for salaried employees) join PensionDanmark's Health Scheme, consequently signifying a total of 90.000 members covered by the scheme. 

    Elevated contribution rate for the private sector

    Collective agreement negotiations for the private sector conclude with an accord to raise the contribution rate to 12 pct. 

  14. 2006

    Rise in the number of members

    The number of members in 2006 tops 500.000.

    Initiation of education funds

    PensionDanmark initiates the administration of education funds. 

    Hairdressers join the Health Scheme

    The hairdressing sector joins PensionDanmark's Health Scheme. 

    Contribution rate increase for the DA-/SALA sector

    The contribution rate for the DA-/SALA sector is elevated to 10.8 pct. 

  15. 2005

    The total balance tops 50 bn DKK and prices become fully transparent

    The members' total balance tops 50 bn DKK.

    As the first company in the industry, PensionDanmark concurrently releases an overall price list on www.pension.dk/prisliste.

    Two-fold increase of the sum insured on critical illness

    The sum insured on critical illness is increased from 50.000 to 100.000 DKK. Members are simultaneously given the option of choosing between three levels of size for the lump sum on death. 

    New members join the Health Scheme

    PensionDanmark's Health Scheme is introduced to 50.000 members within the transport industry sector. 

    The contribution rate is raised for the municipal and agricultural sectors

    Collective agreement negotiations within the municipal and agricultural sectors result in the decision to raise the contribution rate to 12.5 pct. and 11.55 pct. respectively.  

    PensionDanmark in its present form is established

    B&A Pension, HTS Pension and PKS Pension merge into PensionDanmark A/S. The merger is accompanied by a new corporate structure, whereby the organizations will gain influence and insight through six industry branches. 

  16. 2004

    PensionDanmark acquires new headquarters on Langelinie Allé

    PensionDanmark moves to Langelinie Allé, Copenhagen Ø. 

    Large investment in an apartment complex in Ørestad

    PensionDanmark Ejendomme, a subsidiary of PensionDanmark A/S, makes its first real estate investment by purchasing a building site in Ørestaden, Copenhagen. In 2006, the apartment complex Horisonten, consisting of 182 apartments, will be built on the site. 

    Increased contribution rates for the DA/LO and SALA/LO sectors

    At the collective agreement negotiations of Spring 2004, the parties of the DA/LO and SALA/LO sectors agree upon raising the existing contribution rate (9 pct. and 9.3 pct. respectively) to 10.8 pct. over the next three years. The first increases will take place on June 1st 2004. 

  17. 2003

    Continued increase in the number of members

    The number of members surpasses 450.000. 

    Access to the pension plan with digital signature

    Members have the option of using "Digital Signature", an electronic identification card, to access their pension plan online

    Increase of the contribution rates for the DA/LO and SALA/LO-sectors

    The contribution rate for the DA- and SALA-sectors is raised to 9 pct. and 9.3 pct. respectively on the 1st of July. This is the last of four contribution rate increases that were decided upon by the parties of the collective agreement negotiations in 2000. The elevated rate entails that the contribution now implies a range of insurance coverages as well as sufficient on-going savings.  

    New law leads to supplementary disability pension

    The benefits of the pension scheme for early retirement are adjusted to changes brought about by the new early retirement legislation, effective from January 1st 2003. All members granted public early retirement are thereby entitled to receive supplementary disability pension of 48.000 DKK annually. 

  18. 2002

    Growth of member assets

    Total balance reaches 25 bn DKK. 

    Merger creates PensionDanmark

    APK Pension merges with PKS Pension and B&T Pension merges with HTS Pension. PensionSelskaberne changes their company name to PensionDanmark

    Contribution rate increase for the public sector

    As a result of collective agreement negotiations, the contribution rate is raised from 12 pct. to 12.5 pct. in KAD's collective agreements for e.g. KL (Kommunernes Landsforening) and Amtsrådsforeningen. The rate for specialist workers, skilled gartners and more in the sector of KL and Amtrådsforeningen is increased from 13.2 pct. to 14.3 pct. 

  19. 2001

    Steady increase of members

    Total number of members surpasses 400.000.

    PensionsInfo is established

    Pensionsinfo, a website with the purpose of giving members an overview of their pension plans, is created in collaboration with ATP and Industriens Pension.


    Longer phone hours and access to online notification

    Phone hours for the member hotline are extended, new hours being 8 am to 9 pm on all weekdays.

    All members are provided with a personal pension-card on the company website. Companies are granted access to online notification and payment of pension contribution.


  20. 2000

    400.000 members

    The number of members reaches 400.000.

    Two-fold increase of member assets in 2 years

    Collected member assets total 20 bn DKK, which is a two-fold increase since 1998. 

    Increase in the contribution rate for the DA-sector

    Collective agreement negotiations for the DA-sector lead to an increase in the contribution rate from 5.3 pct. to 9 pct. over a four-year period. 

    Expansion of pension scheme coverage

    The pension scheme coverage is expanded. Part of the collectively agreed pension contribution, which now exceeds 6 pct., is used for an increased lump sum death payment, continued disability pension in case of a 2/3 loss of earning capability and for annuity- and capital pension savings. 

    Member insurance coverage is extended with a sum insured of 100.000 DKK. for disability. 

    Minimum sum for death before retirement is raised to 250.000 DKK. 

  21. 1999

    Continued increase of members

    The number of members surpasses 350.000. 

    New types of pension and insurance

    Capital - and annuity pension, including market yield, are introduced. 

    Critical illness insurance is implemented. The sum insured is 50.000 DKK. 

    The retirement age is reduced

    The Danish retirement age is reduced from 67 to 65 years. 

    Members are able to access their own pension details online

    Members are given the opportunity to access their own pension details on www.pension.dk. 

  22. 1998

    Strong growth in assets

    Collected member assets total 10 bn DKK. 

    The Danish Parliament gets involved with the big industrial conflict in the DA/LO-sector

    Collective agreement negotiations for the DA/LO (Landsorganisationen i Danmark)-sector end in a big industrial conflict. The Danish Parliament gets involved and consequently raises the contribution rate with a 0.5 percentage, the new rate coming to 5.3 pct. of wages. In 1997, it was decided that the contribution rate for the SALA/LO-sector should be increased with 0.9 pct. every year until 2000. The increase rate is maintained by the parties. 

  23. 1997

    PensionSelskaberne acquires APK

    PensionSelskaberne takes over the administration of APK (Arbejderbevægelsens Pensionskasse).

    Contribution rate increase for the DA-/SALA-sector

    As an outcome of collective agreement negotiations, the contribution rate for the DA-/SALA-sector is raised to 4.8 pct. of wages. 

  24. 1996

    New members: Sømændene

    Sømændene and members of Progressiv Liv join PensionSelskaberne. 

    Launch of Pension.dk

    PensionSelskaberne is the first pension company in Denmark to get a website - wwww.pension.dk.

    Increase of the contribution rate for the DA-/SALA-sector

    As a result of collective agreement negotiations, the contribution rate is increased to 3.9 pct. of wages for the DA-/SALA-sector, effective from 1996. 

  25. 1995

    The number of members tops 300.000

    The pension schemes administered by PensionSelskaberne total 300.000. 

    The staff consists of 10 employees overall. 

  26. 1994

    Pension contribution rate is increased

    The pension contribution rate is increased from 0.9 pct. to 2.1 pct. of wages in the DA - & SALA sector. 

    A quarter million members

    The number of members passes 250.000 

    The members achieve a balance of 1 bn DKK

    The collected pension balance of the members reaches 1 bn DKK. 

  27. 1993

    Number of members: 200.000

    PensionSelskaberne reaches a membership milestone by managing the pension plans of 200.000 members. 

    The lowest administration costs in the industry

    PensionSelskaberne has the lowest administation costs in the industry with a fee of 300 DKK per member. 

    First contributions to the pension schemes for private sector employees

    On January 1st, the first payable contributions to the pension schemes for private sector employees are made to B&A Pension, HTS Pension and B&T Pension. The existing pension contribution rate for the DA - and SALA sector is 0.9 pct., but at later collective agreement negotiations, it is increased to 2.1 pct. of wages in effect from 1994. 

  28. 1992

    PensionSelskaberne is founded

    The realization of the collective agreement negotiations of 1991 leads to the foundation of B&A Pension (Bygge & Anlægsbranchens Pensionsforsikring), HTS Pension (Handel-, Transport- & Servicebranchens Pensionsforsikring) and B&T Pension (Beklædnings- &Textilbranchens Pensionsforsikring). 

    PensionSelskaberne is established as an administration-cooperation for PKS Pension, B&A Pension, HTS Pension and B&T Pension. PensionSelskaberne acquires independent headquarters on Nørrevold. 

  29. 1991

    Pension contribution rate becomes integral to collective agreement negotiations

    As a result of collective agreement negotiations, it is decided that the pension contribution rate for the DA (Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening) - and SALA (Sammenslutningen af Landbrugets Arbejdsgiverforeninger) sector should be 0.9 pct., effective from January 1st 1993. 

    At the collective agreement negotiations for the public sector, the parties approve an increase of 1.2 pct. per year for the contribution rate - thus from 3.6 pct. in 1991 to 6 pct. in 1993. 

  30. 1990

    PKS is launched with 30.000 members

    On the 1st of April 1990, PKS Pension is launched with 30.000 municipally employed members in KAD and SiD. 

    From the onset, the pension plan includes life-long retirement pension, lump sum retirement payment, lump sum death payment, lump sum disability payment as well as continuous disability pension, if the contribution rate is minimum 4.5 pct. 

  31. 1989

    PKS Pension is established

    At the collective agreement negotiations, SiD (Specialarbejderforbundet i Danmark), KAD (Kvindeligt Arbejderforbund i Danmark) and municipal employers decide on a pension contribution rate of 2.4 per cent from April 1st 1990, which will be increased to 3.6 per cent in 1991. A new pension fund, PKS Pension (Pensionskassen for Kvindelige Arbejdere og Specialarbejdere), will administer the pension scheme.