Real Estate Investments

In recent years, PensionDanmark has significantly increased investments in real estate. The portfolio consists of business and residential properties as well as PPP construction projects. 

PensionDanmark primarily invests in business properties, which we lease to reliable tenants on long-term contracts. Our real estate investments are equally divided between existing properties and new development.

In the last years, PensionDanmark has invested in various headquarter buildings in Denmark, such as Semco Maritime’s new headquarters in Esbjerg, Alpha Laval’s domicile in Aalborg and headquarters for Nordea Bank Danmark, NCC and MTH in central Copenhagen. All new development is classified as green/sustainable buildings with high rankings within the sustainability certification system, DGNB.

In addition, PensionDanmark invests in residential properties. Currently we have initiated a larger new development project at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, counting 500-600 new residential units. At Vejle Havn PensionDanmark are also in the process of developing 100 new residential units.  

PensionDanmark has invested a total of 19 bn DKK in domestic real estate. We plan to invest 2.5 bn DKK annually in Danish real estate, in order to reach our goal of making real estate constitute 10 pct. of our total assets. 

Our primary focus is domestic real estate investments. However on an opportunistic basis, we invest in non-domestic real estate funds. Non-domestic real estate investments are done through real estate funds. Currently PensionDanmark has invested approximately DKK 0.5bn in non-domestic real estate. Read more about about this type of investments at Private Funds.


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Marius Møller


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