Throughout a number of years, PensionDanmark has been focusing on increasing the share of investments in alternative investments, including private equity and infrastructure.

These investments are characterized by a non-cyclical revenue uncorrelated to economic cycles with expected investment returns substantially higher than the bond interest rate. The investments are undertaken by the teams PensionDanmark Alternative Investments and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

Our aim is to make alternatives constitute a significant part of the portfolio. Given the constant growth of PensionDanmark's collected assets, we have an on-going need to deploy capital across alternatives as well.

The strategy within alternatives has three legs: PensionDanmark Alternative Investments, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and PensionDanmark Real Estate.

PensionDanmark Alternative Investments is PensionDanmarks internal alternative investment team undertaking investments in Direct Equity, Private Debt and Private Funds. PensionDanmark is also conducting Direct Credit investments.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

In 2012 PensionDanmark initiated the establishment of a new investment fund, Copenhagen Infrastructure I. This fund as well as the subsequent funds are managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

PensionDanmark's investments in energy infrastructure are undertaken as investment commitments to CIPs funds. PensionDanmark is co-founder of and sole investor in CIP's funds Copenhagen Infrastructure I, CI Artimis and CI Artimis II and the largest anchor investor in CIP's four other funds Copenhagen Infrastructure II,III, IV and New Markets Fund.

Currently CIP has a total commitment of DKK 101bn (EUR 14bn) to the four funds under management. PensionDanmark has committed DKK 26bn (EUR 3.5bn) to the funds in total.

PensionDanmark Real Estate

PensionDanmark Real Estate invests directly in high quality office and residential properties and development projects in Denmark as well as Danish PPP construction projects.

Contacts for Alternative Investments

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