External Managers

PensionDanmark manages the majority of our investments internally. However, a share of both equity and bonds investments are managed externally. 

Depending on the nature and complexity of the asset class, and whether or not we believe active management will add significant value, a smaller or larger part is outsourced to external managers.

PensionDanmarks' External Managers in Public Markets

Equity Managers Mandate Website 
Carnegie Asset Management Global www.carnegieam.dk
Baillie Gifford Global www.bailliegifford.com
Nordea Investment 
Global www.nordea.com
Morgan Stanley Global www.morganstanley.com/im
Duet Africa www.duetgroup.net
Credit Managers Mandate Website
DCI US High Yield www.dci.com
State Street Global Advisors US High Yield www.statestreet.com
Nomura Corporate Research and Asset Management US High Yield www.nomura.com/ncram
Morgan Stanley US High Yield www.morganstanley.com/im
Capital Four European High Yield www.capital-four.com
BlackRock European High Yield www.blackrock.com
Nordea Investment Management European Financial Debt www.nordea.com
BankInvest Emerging Market Debt www.bankinvest.dk
Colchester Global Investors Emerging Market Debt www.colchesterglobal.com
Lazard Asset Management Emerging Market Debt www.lazardnet.com
Credit Suisse Asset Management Senior Bank Debt www.credit-suisse.com/
Highland Capital Senior Bank Debt www.highlandfunds.com
Symphony Asset Management Senior Bank Debt www.symphonyasset.com
Oak Hill Advisors Senior Bank Debt www.oakhilladvisors.com

Cross Asset Funds

Managers Type Website
AQR Global / Cross Assets  www.aqr.com
Nordea Investment Management Global / Cross Assets  www.nordea.com/im

Real Estate Funds

Managers Type Website
Rock Spring UK value fund UK real estate  www.rockspringpim.com

Agricultural Funds

Manager Mandate Website
Silverstreet Caital Sub Saharan Africa  www.silverstreetcapital.com