Responsible Investments

Our work with responsible investments is based on three pillars: Engagement with the world, screening and active ownership. All three principles support our goal towards securing the highest possible returns for our members, while being committed to our role as a responsible investor.

PensionDanmark engage in dialogue with authorities and other stakeholders regarding societal issues, particularly how private investors can become involved in finding new and innovative ways to solve them.. Not only does this expand PensionDanmark’s investment opportunities, but it also adds to solving societal tasks and challenges. 

Screening and active ownership complement and underpin our aim towards securing the best possible returns for our member in the long-term. Well-run companies that are able to manage financial- and non-financial risks reduce PensionDanmark’s risk as an investor, while increasing future investment value. 

PensionDanmark adheres to the UN-supported principles for responsible investments, which constitute a sound foundation for the work on responsible investment. PensionDanmark’s board of directors has also established a set of guidelines for socially responsible investments, based on generally accepted norms and existing conventions.