Investment Guidelines

PensionDanmark's Board of directors has established a set of guidelines for socially responsible investments. They take the generally accepted principles as a point of departure, e.g. for social, environmental and governance factors.

These guidelines for socially responsible investments include: 

These accepted norms also shape the ten principles of UN Global Compact, the United Nations corporate sustainability initiative.

To reinforce compliance with the board’s guidelines, PensionDanmark conducts screenings and exerts active ownership in collaboration with our external partner, Hermes EOS. For more on active ownership.

PensionDanmark does not invest in securities that are subject to sanctions imposed by the UN or EU.

PensionDanmark does not buy equities or bonds in companies whose activities are in conflict with international conventions acceded by the Danish state.

Once a year, PensionDanmark's reassesses the general guidelines for investments. The guidelines for socially responsible investments are taken into account, when the strategic benchmark for our asset allocation is determined.