1 H 2019: Attractive investment returns in PensionDanmark

Good investment returns and increasing premium contributions characterizes a good half year result for PensionDanmark.

The members in PensionDanmark achieved investment returns of DKK 17.5bn in first half of 2019. The investment returns for the age 45 was 9.6 pct. and 6.0 pct. for the age 67. During the half year increased occupation has lifted the regular premiums to DKK 6.3bn.

“We are of course satisfied with the good returns in the first half year of 2019. But going forward, we are probably facing a longer period of very low – even negative – interest rates, declining economic growth and a high geopolitical uncertainty due to among other things the trade war between the US and China, Brexit etc. We should therefore prepare ourselves for a lower return on pension savings in the coming years compared to the last decade. Our reaction to the low interest rates is a further reduction of our investments in government- and mortgage bonds and an increase in our investments in sustainable real estate and infrastructure assets to secure a satisfactory return for our members in a zero-interest rate environment,” says PensionDanmark’s CEO Torben Möger Pedersen.

“In an investment environment with low interest rates it is essential to secure low costs. PensionDanmark’s massive effort within digitalization utilizing robot-technology and artifi-cial intelligence has further reduced costs to a very attractive low level. At the same time customer satisfaction has increased to a very high level,” says Torben Möger Pedersen.

Key Figures 1st  half year 2019 1st half year 2018
Regular premiums, DKK m 6,256 6,008
Investment return, before tax, DKK m 17,497 1,148
Benefits paid, DKK m 3,748 4,175
Net result, DKK m 251 54
Balance DKK m 257,092 239,742
Administrative cost pr. member (year to date) DKK 146 151
Number of members, end of half year 734,000 721,000
Investment return, before tax, pct., age 45 9.6 0.5
Investment return, before tax, pct., age 67 6.0 0.6

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